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Stories to Smile:


Sunita Bogati was born in 2041 in Majphant VDC of Parbat district. There are eight member in her family. Her eight members’ family fully depend upon farming  It is very difficult for them to meet their both ends. Despite difficulties Sunita completed her high school level and admitted to +2 in a nearby college .Her father always supported her in study. At the age of 19 she got married to Mr.Mahendra of Maygdi district.   Mr. Mahendra is also from a farmer’s family. His family depends on farming and they cultivate vegetables and sell them in a nearby market. After marriage sunita lost her father and mother in-law in a quick interval. After in-laws death the joint family of Mahendera separated and there is no income source of Mahendra to maintain his family. Tensions and uncertainties inflicted in her life. The burden of the family further increased as two children born to them. He decided to go abroad for employment, but it was not so easy. Finally they postpone the idea of going abroad and decided to stay in the village for vegetable farming. Due to lack of fund she cannot start her farming as she wished. The commercial bank did not provide loan as they have not sufficient collateral in their name. They got entangled in to a web of hardship, freedom from which could only be found till Sunita meets a NESDO Nepal Staff. It was a sheer chance that matured into success. After listen everything about NESDO Nepal from the branch manager, she felt motivated to become a member of NESDO Nepal. Then she attained the 7 days pre-group training in her village along with other 14 women. After completing the training she takes Rs.20000 loan for vegetable cultivation. She invest the amount in vegetable cultivation that paid up and encouraged her to make more investment in vegetables. Then she took Rs.30000 loan and gradually her loan celling increases to Rs.150000 as per the volume of her business. She prepared organic manure out of domestic waste, unusable parts of fruits and vegetable, debris in kitchen. She used the organic manure in her vegetable which improve the soil fertilities at the same time increase the vegetable production. Now they cultivated various types of vegetable and it also create an employment opportunity for her husband. The demand for their vegetable increase in the market as they use organic manure. Her spirit and believe in herself were raised with NESDO Nepal by her side. Now her family lived in a house that has been well-furnished and has improved latrine facilities. Her two children going to an English boarding school with faces beaming with smiles. The days of old sufferings are now just memories. The Success of Sunita earned for her an elevated status in the locality.



Shanta Khand was born in Marlangkot VDC of Syangja District. The entire family of Shanta depends upon her father for living. As a farmer it is very difficult for Santa’s father to maintain his seven members’ family. As we know poverty irresistible traveller and so it has its reaches to all area including Marlangkot VDC. Due to poverty Shanta was unable to continue her study. At the age of 20 she got married to Chandra Bahadur of jogithum VDC of Syangja district. Her husband did not have any formal education to look for a good job nor is he a skilled worker in any trade. He could not find any employment in the locality or around. That drove him for sundry places to earn something for the family. He then took a loan  from the local money lender and go to abroad for earning. But life is not a bed of roses. After spending sometimes in abroad he returns to Nepal with a small amount of money, hard to repay his early loan. Now Shanta felt that Poverty is a perpetual reality for her .She had no idea that this can ever be confronted or eliminated. The burden of the family further increased as a child born to them. Shanta wants to undertake a move that promises a secure future. One day an official from NESDO Nepal passed a piece of information about the prospect of some amount of loan to start a business. Next day she met the NESDO Nepal Staff and asked for help. The branch Manager clarified every things to Shanta .Shanta has come to learn how to combat this menace with the assistance from an organization like NESDO Nepal. Shatnta understood that she could start a small business in which she has some skill while the family members can also lend some useful hands. The domestic meeting ended up with a “yes” for the receipt of a loan from NESDO Nepal. Then she asked for Rs.20000 loan which was dully granted. After receiving the loan she started a small poultry business. Her husband also help in her business. As her business paid-up, she took additional loan of Rs.150000/ for the expansion of her business. Her business gradually increase and she opened a fresh house in walling market where her husband selling the chicken and meat. In addition to that she started trading of some grocery items from a Kirana stores opened in his house. From then on it’s a story of success rolling on. It is surprising and heartening to observe her spiral success. Shanta is now a well-known person in the locality. Now she lives a life of comfort. Memories of sheer hardship still haunt her from time to time. Now her son doing fairly well in the school. Now Shanta is a source of inspiration for the poor people of the locality. It is the strong determination and willpower of shanta which makes her what she is today. Shanta’s talent of entrepreneurship has now brought smiles to many.