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Savings Product

Saving  Products: 

Saving is one of an essential component to improve the economic status of clients lending to their poverty alleviation. Making the poor people  aware about the significance of saving and creating saving habit are important operating approaches adopted by NESDo Nepal in its Micro finance Program. 

Objective of NESDO Saving Program:    

  • Motivating members to increasingly engage in saving from income out of their income generation
  • Developing a capital fund for their additional income generation.
  • Assisting ultra-poor clients to attain self sufficiency.
  • Creating a formidable funding source to meet family.
  • Overcoming helplessness in natural or other.

Specialty of NESDO Saving Program:

  • Deposit can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Saving services is provided at the clients locality.
  • Interest rate are competitive.
  • NESDO accepts even very small deposit.
  • Transparent accounting.
  • Strong MIS.
  • Compassionate and professional behavior of NESDO Staff.

At present NESDO Nepal is offering broadly two types of saving to its clients.

1. Short term savings.

The aim of NESDO Short term saving is to ensure the short term financial needs of the clients as well as their family member.Short term savings Includes:

  • Group Savings.
  • Personal Savings.
  • Business Savings.

2. Long Term saving.

The aims of NESDO Long term saving is to ensure future financial safety and security of clients family its duration is 5 to 15 years.The Long terms savings includes

  • NESDO Pension Saving.
  • Center Fund Saving.
  • Fixed Deposit.

Group Saving:

It is a mandatory saving and the client has to deposit certain amount in each center meeting.   The primary objective of this  saving to  create a saving habit in the client. The mandatory amount is Rs.50,  to be deposited by the client at the center meeting and a client can not deposit more than that in a center meeting . A client is not allowed to withdraw any amount form this saving  as long as she/he is the member of this program.When she/he leave the group she/he will get the saving balance along with accrued interest. NESDO Nepal gives 8% interest on daily balance.In case of client’s death the saving amount will be returned to the nominee of the clients.

Personal Saving: 

This a voluntary saving but the minimum amount  to be deposited by a clients in this saving is Rs. 100 per center meeting. There is no maximum limit in this saving. A client can deposit more than Rs. 100 in  center meeting.A client has to maintain minimum balance of Rs.1000 in this saving account. When the loan cycle of a client increases then he has to increase the saving balance accordingly and for higher loan cycle it is 10% of the loan amount that must be maintained in this account . A clients can withdraw amount from this  account as and when he needed,if she/he has a loan in her/his name then only 50% saving amount can be with drawn. NESDO Nepal gives 8% interest on daily balance.In case of client’s death the saving amount will be returned to the nominee of the clients.

Business Saving:

This saving is applicable for business group. Generally the loan limit is higher in this group as compared to other group. So it is mandatory for the member of this group to deposit 1% of the disbursed loan as saving and as the loan cycle increase the saving balance to be maintained is 10% of the loan outstanding of the client. Only 50% of the saving balance can be with drawn by the client after repaying 50% of the loan amount. NESDO Nepal gives 8% interest on daily balance.In case of client’s death the saving amount will be returned to the nominee of the clients.

NESDO Pension Saving:

Under NESDO Pension saving Scheme a client has to decide in advance whether she /he  is going to deposit the amount for 10 or 15 years.The pension scheme is only applicable for clients depositing amount for 15 years.   The minimum balance of deposit is Rs.100, Rs.200 and Rs.500 depending upon the choice of the client. If a client deposit Rs. 100 she will get Rs. 36000,  for Rs. 200 she will get Rs. 72000  and for Rs. 500 she will get Rs. 180000 after 15 years.  After Maturity(15 years) if a client says that she/he will not going to receive the lump-sum amount but interested to receive  the Pension then client deposited  Rs. 100 per month will get Rs. 500, for  Rs. 200 will get Rs. 1000 and for  Rs. 500 will get Rs.2500 per month as pension. There is no age limit for receiving  the pension, as long as the client wants to draw the pension she/he can do so. After receiving the pension for some time if a client says that now she/he will not receive the pension amount then she will get  half of the lump- sum amount (i,e Rs.18000,Rs.36000,Rs 90000).  If a client wants to withdraw her/his  amount after 10 years then she will get ½ of the lump- sum amount. If a client wants withdraw her/his amount before ten years then she/he will get 5% interest on his deposited amount.





Monthly Amount (Rs.)

10 Years Scheme

15 Years Scheme




Addition Amount



Total Return

Amount (Rs.)



Pension (Rs.)




Addition Amount


Total Return Amount





1. 500 60000 30000 90000 No Pension 90000 90000 180000 2500
2. 200 24000 12000 36000

No Pension

36000 36000 72000 1000
3. 100 12000 6000 18000 No Pension 18000 18000 36000 500

Center Fund Saving: 

Under this saving a client has to deposit 4% of his loan amount as center fund saving.  It is not mandatory for clients those who enrolls them self  in NESDO Pension Scheme.  The saving amount will be returns after completing 5 years  or at the time of leaving the group. NESDO Nepal gives 8% interest on this saving.

Fixed Deposit:

This saving is for  a certain period of time. The minimum balance to start this saving is Rs. 20000 and the minimum duration of the saving is six month  and the maximum duration is decided by the mutual consent  between the client and NESDO. The interest rate is 8% to 10% depending upon the volume of saving.

Center welfare Saving:

This saving is for the welfare of the center and it is operated by the center chief and center vice chief.Amount received from fines, penalties, reward, donation are deposited in this account. Generally this amount is used for the common purposes of the center such as purchase of mate,minute book, pen, used for building center house and sometime used for social activities in the locality. NESDO Nepal gives 8% interest in this account.

Saving Status Of NESDO Nepal:

The Clients of NESDO Nepal Micro finance program deposit their small income in their different saving accounts. The saving ratio to member is quite good in the financial year 2072/2073 and this trend will continue in the coming year too. The saving balance per member is Rs.10739. The following table shows the saving composition in different financial year.




Financial Years

2070/2071 2071/2072 2072/2073 2073/2074 2074/2075
1. Group Saving (Rs.) 45606607 61111221 79088492 116947412 160030623
2. Personal Saving (Rs.) 113802608 194405170 306682773 474378743 648879613
3. Pension Saving (Rs.) 227007439 308550789 405647334 508361639 586585332
4. Center Fund Saving (Rs.) 2436737 2531502 2294353 2468015 18800703
5. Welfare Saving (Rs.) 1988984 2855113 3892744 4863408 6536452
6. Total Saving (Rs.) 390842375 569453795 797605696 1107019217 1420832723

Growth of Members and Savings:




Financial Year

2070-2071 2071-2072 2072/2073 2073/2074 2074/2075
1. Member (by year) 7646 8964 12376 3100 -480
2. Member (Cum) 52926 61890 74266 77366 76886
3. Group (Cum) 10585 12378 14853 15473 15377
4. Center (Cum) 2807 3444 4376 4802 5088
5. Branch (Cum) 34 40 50 52 52
6. District (Cum) 11 11 11 11 12
7. VDC/Municipality(Cum) 392 438 501 425 360
8. Savings (by Year) (Rs.) 123057309 178611420 228151901 309413521 313813506
9. Savings (Cum) (Rs.) 390842375 569453795 797605696 1107019127 1420832723

NESDO Nepal’s Saving Product Details: 

S.No Types Product Name


1. Short Terms Group Savings. •         Minimum Balance Rs.50 per Month.

•         It is mandatory for member.

•         8% Yearly interest.

•         Can with draw at the time of leaving the group

Personal Savings. •         Minimum balance Rs.100 per month.

•         It is mandatory for member.

•         8% yearly interest.

•         Members may withdraw from their saving anytime maintaining a balance of at least 10% of their loan out standing

Business Saving.

•         Minimum 1% of loan disbursed

•         8% yearly interest

•         Members may withdraw from their saving anytime maintaining a balance of at least 10% of their loan out standing

2. Long terms savings Fixed Deposit. •         Minimum Balance Rs.20000

•         It is optional

•         8% to 10% yearly interest based on saving Balance.

•         Period of the saving is fixed as per the mutual understanding between member and office.

•         Members can with draw after the fixed period.

Center fund saving. •         4% of loan Disbursed

•         8% Yearly Interest

•         Member can with draw after five years

Pension saving. •     Minimum  Rs.100.Rs.200 & Rs.500

•   13.3%  Yearly interest (Provisioning)

•   Member can with draw after Maturity

Note:(Rs. Mention above denotes Nepali Rupees)