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“Establishment of Poverty free inclusive Nepal”
“No Big And Rough  Small and Beauty Micro finance”
“Engage Micro finance Change Lives “
“Stop Child Labour”
“Our Fight against Poverty will continue until Poverty Exist in Nepal”
Stop Violence Against Women”
“Communication,  Human Rights  & Development” 
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Message From Executive Chief


NESDO Nepal Completed 25 years in 2075(2018).After two decades when I look back ,It reminds me, in what difficult situation NESDO Nepal started its journey from a remote Village of Parbat districts of Nepal called Bajung, my birth place. After completing my graduation in Law me with my 27 friends decided to registered a NOG Named NESDO Nepal with an objective to serve the poor, marginalized community of Nepal. Over the years NESDO Nepal has been able to overcome difficulties it faced and developed many economic, social and safety nets, service dedicated to towards improving the socio-economic conditions of the poor people. NESDO Nepal as its very nomenclature is likely to denote is an organization primarily devoted to create or assist in employment opportunities or income –generating activities in the remote hilly rural area of Nepal.

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Introduction to NESDO Nepal

National Educational and Social Development Organization (NESDO, Nepal) is non-profit making, self governed, autonomous, continuous legatee Micro Finance Institution, Knowing the fact that the state only cannot address the issues of gender, caste community at all level. NESDO Nepal was established in 2051B.S(1995) to assist the state in addressing the gender, caste, community issues by empowering the community by giving emphasis on income generating activities of the poor, dalit, janajati, destitute, minority which resulting eradication of poverty. Achievements of such aim are possible through implementation of various community level programs and Micro finance program that aims to assists the national development by utilizing the local recourse. The Principle objective of NESDO, Nepal is to help reduce poverty through employment generation. Starting with Micro finance Program NESDO Nepal has diversified its portfolio over the years. …

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NESDO Nepal At a Glance(As on 16th Nov 2018)

Total Staff  299
Total Branch Office  56
Total Active Members  77785
Total Borrowers 45085
Total Loan Disbursement 27176379320
Total Loan Outstanding 2465384978
Total Saving 1491320823
NPA 0.26%