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“Establishment of Poverty free inclusive Nepal”
“Engage Micro finance Change Lives “
“Our Fight against Poverty will continue until Poverty Exist in Nepal”
“Communication,  Human Rights  & Development” 
Stop Violence Against Women”
“No Big And Rough  Small and Beauty Micro finance”
“Stop Child Labour”


Structure of the Organization:

With regards to good governance practices NESDO Nepal Strictly follows a mechanism that assures the accountability and transparency at all the activities of NRSDO Nepal at all the levels and also ensures that resources are appropriately used according to their intend purpose. NESDO Nepal maintained precise and explicit policies for different activities such as Micro finance operation Policies, Monitoring and internal control policies, Admin& Financial Policies, HR policies, Procurement policies etc. NESDO has   a specific delegation of powers and separate independent audit committee to ensure internal control so that any kind of fraud and mistake can be avoided.

NESDO Nepal  is structured in two distinct tiers: the Head Office/Central Office  and branch offices in the field. The Branch Office act as bridge between head office and the clients.

Ornanogram :


Head Office Composition. 

The head office of NESDO Nepal is lead by the Executive Chief. The Executive Chief of  NESDO Nepal is responsible for the smooth implementation of all activities of the Organization. The Executive Chief  implements various  activities through the support staff of the organization. For the Smooth functioning of the head office there are five different departments operating in NESDO Nepal. Each Department has one department chief with necessary support staffs.

1.  Admin & Finance Department:

The admin and finance department of NESDO Nepal works according to the national/ International Accounting standard and uses nation/International Financial Reporting Standard in all financial reporting. Financial and accounting manuals, Policies are reviewed continuously as and when necessary to meet the demand for changes in financial reporting and policies. One Department Head, one junior account officer manages the tasks related to this Department.

2.  Micro finance Department:

The Department primary responsibility for developing different products and services for as per the need of the clients. At the same time it is responsible for assuring its full integration with other activities of NESDO especially to identify and implement cross-strengthening activities in regards to micro finance Program. This department prepare plan for qualitative outreach expansion of micro finance program. One Department Head, one senior officer manages the tasks related to this Department.

3.  Human Resource & Community Development Department:

NESDO Nepal provides human resource management and community development support to its 272 staffs connected with different programmers. It Includes recruitment placement, promotion grievance resolution  and  procurement  and  management. The overall tasks of this department manage by one department head, one program coordinator and one junior officer.

4.  Internal audit Department:

NESDO Nepal has two mechanism of internal audit. A board level three members internal audit committee which carryout audit of the head office & randomly cross audit the branch level transaction. The internal audit has been conducted on two parts, one is system or process audit & other is financial audit. One Department Head, one junior officer manages the tasks related to this Department.

5.  MIS & Planning Department:

This department Provide vision and leadership for Developing and Implementing Information Technology Initiatives that Align with the Mission of NESDO. This department lead IT Strategic & Operational Planning to achieve NESDO goal by Fostering Innovation, Prioritizing it Initiatives and Co-coordinating the evaluation, Development and Management of Current and Future IT System across the Organization. At the same time Provide help-desk and on-site technical support of hardware and software to the Head Office and Branch Office Staff, Develop & Maintain an Appropriate IT Organizational Structure that Support the needs of the Organization. This department is Responsible for overall aspect of the information Technology and System. One Department Head, one junior officer manages the tasks related to this Department.

Area Office Composition.

NESDO Nepal is planning to open five  Area office in different districts .Each Area office  has a team of area  Managers  and support staff.  The area manager  looks after 5-8 branches on average. The Area  Manager   operate from a branch in their own jurisdiction located in district town/city with extra space to accommodate them; there will be   no separate Office for AM .  The AM  always supervise and monitor all the branch and  field level activities of his area and reporting to the head office.

Branch Office Composition: 

NESDO Nepal  is a decentralized Organization, each branch acts as its own cost and profit center, which encourages efficient use of resources.  Each Branch Office is responsible for their own transactions.  The branches have the freedom to carry out all activities as long as these conform to NESDO Nepal’s Micro finance Operations Manual. This manual is one of the most important facilitators which guide the branch team for implementing various activities smoothly and efficiently at the field level. Each Branch office has one branch manager and at least  three center manager (Field Staff) and one office assistant. But the no of center manager may vary as per the transaction volume of the branch office.  Each Center manager is responsible for overseeing 750 members in the urban area and 550 members in the rural area.All the accounting and non accounting transactions are maintained  , verified and approved  by the branch manager.All the branch office maintained their transaction in electronic MIS System. The  Fund Requirement of branch office   is fulfilled by the head office.