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“Engage Micro finance Change Lives “
“Stop Child Labour”
“Establishment of Poverty free inclusive Nepal”
“No Big And Rough  Small and Beauty Micro finance”
“Our Fight against Poverty will continue until Poverty Exist in Nepal”
Stop Violence Against Women”
“Communication,  Human Rights  & Development” 

Governing Board:

The Governing Board:

The Governing Board is the highest policy and decision making body of NESDO Nepal. The Governing Board of NESDO Nepal consists of Seven Members from different professions such as university teachers, Government officials and retired professionals. The Governing Board is responsible for the formulation of plan and budget for various Programs to be implemented by the Organization. The Governing Board evaluates and monitors the implementation of policies, programs. The Executive Chief works as Member-Secretary of the Governing Board. The Executive Chief  is the chief  of NESDO Nepal and responsible for the smooth implementation of all activities of the Organization. The Executive Chief implements activities through the support staff of the organization.