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Stop Violence Against Women”
“No Big And Rough  Small and Beauty Micro finance”
“Establishment of Poverty free inclusive Nepal”
“Engage Micro finance Change Lives “
“Communication,  Human Rights  & Development” 
“Our Fight against Poverty will continue until Poverty Exist in Nepal”
“Stop Child Labour”


Good Governance Practice:

With regards to good governance practices NESDO Nepal Strictly follows a mechanism that assures the accountability and transparency at all the activities of NESDO Nepal at all the levels and also ensures that resources are appropriately used according to their intend purpose. NESDO Nepal maintained precise and explicit policies for different activities such as Micro finance operation Policies, Monitoring and internal control policies, Admin& Financial Policies, HR policies, Procurement policies,IT Policy  etc. NESDO has   a specific delegation of powers and separate independent audit committee to ensure internal control so that any kind of fraud and mistake can be avoided.