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From Executive Chief

NESDO Nepal Completed 25 years in 2075(2018).After two decades when I look back ,It reminds me, in what difficult situation NESDO Nepal started its journey from a remote Village of Parbat districts of Nepal called Bajung, my birth place. After completing my graduation in Law me with my 27 friends decided to registered a NOG Named NESDO Nepal with an objective to serve the poor, marginalized community of Nepal. Over the years NESDO Nepal has been able to overcome difficulties it faced and developed many economic, social and safety nets, service dedicated to towards improving the socio-economic conditions of the poor people. NESDO Nepal as its very nomenclature is likely to denote is an organization primarily devoted to create or assist in employment opportunities or income –generating activities in the remote hilly rural area of Nepal. NESDO Nepal realizes that the poor of the country are in the poverty circle because of the Inheritance of some socio-economic realities. Reduction of poverty cannot be achieved merely by making funds available. Funds have to be used for purpose that will enable them to fight it back with some realistic plans. The fundamental principle on which the birth and growth of NESDO Nepal was conceived relate to the improvement of the lives of the poor reside in the remote hilly area. Looking back at the time span of more than two decades of its operation, we fell that NESDO, Nepal had been in the right track and could make some valuable and lasting contribution for the lives of the poor. NESDO Nepal has emerged as the leader in Micro finance in the hilly area for its innovative and vision –oriented ideas and for the passion that its personnel inject into implementation of the program. Naturally our sincere efforts have earned commendations from the people we target to serve, from the development partners, government agency, who put trust in us and we try to honor the trust with our utmost commitment. I feel delighted to share the fact that NESDO Nepal has not only been managing micro finance sustainably but also providing social services from its own income. This is a rare example in development practice. To keep the process of poverty reduction going and for the sustainability of its achievements more social issues like health, education. Sanitation, Hygiene has to be given due emphasis because there are interrelated with efforts of curbing poverty. Lack of sound health, education pushes poor people in to chronic poverty. I want to note that the success of NESDO Nepal is a collaborative achievement that has established this organization as the most esteemed player in the comprehensive transaction of micro finance in Nepal. I fell happy for the successful mileage that we have traveled in the last financial year but this does not signify our absolute self gratification  I do humbly acknowledge the services rendered by my colleagues at every level of the organogram, the assistance and cooperation from the development partners who put in us their trust and all important resources. Altogether we left behind financial year 2074/075 with a mixed bag of experience as we are able to reach 77 thousands ultra poor families through our passionate and caring financial and non financial services. We are committed to reach more helpless people as well as more remote area with more crucial services for the common mass in the coming year.

We believe that our friends,partners and well wishers will continue to extend their support in 2018 (2074/075) and  in the future as well.

Thanking You All

Mr. Bishwa Prakash Prasai

Executive Chief