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“Engage Micro finance Change Lives “
“Establishment of Poverty free inclusive Nepal”
“No Big And Rough  Small and Beauty Micro finance”
“Communication,  Human Rights  & Development” 
“Stop Child Labour”
“Our Fight against Poverty will continue until Poverty Exist in Nepal”
Stop Violence Against Women”

Huwas Branch Office.

Address: Paun Rural Municipality-04,Hatemalo Chock,Parbat.

Manager: Ms. Ram Kumari K.C

Phone: +977-67-411076





National Educational & Social Development Organization,NESDO Nepal
Branch Office Huwas
Status Report as on 15th January 2018 Particulars. No/Amount.
1. Total Staff (No).  5
2. Area Covered -Rural Municipality/Municipality/Sub-Metro/Metro.
3. Total Active Member (No). 1598 
4. Total Borrowers (No). 690 
5. Total Loan Disbursed (Rs.). 198848500 
6. Total Loan Recovered (Rs.). 155752362 
7. Total Loan Out Standing (Rs.) 43096138 
8 Total Savings (Rs.). 22018613 
9. NPA(%). 0